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LIGHTBELT assembly


As a complete system, LIGHTBELT is brilliantly simple and quick to install. Existing lift shafts with fluorescent tubes can also be retrofitted without problems. Only two mounting points are required for hanging, between which the light strip is clamped. Everything you need for the installation is included in the scope of supply. And since lift shafts can have very different lengths, the light tube can be adapted to all shaft lengths individually and be shortened by us every 20 cm. LIGHTBELT can thus be integrated into any existing passenger or freight lift to ensure radiant brightness and higher safety in the lift shaft.


Mounting at the top of the lift shaft:

At the upper mounting point, one screw is enough to hold the light strip. To do this, drill a hole in the desired place and screw the supplied special screw with thread and without dowel directly into the wall. For this purpose, an impact wrench with plug-in socket insert SW13 is required. The LIGHTBELT is then fixed to the screw using the screw nut and washer and unrolled downwards.

Mounting at the bottom of lift shaft:

Transfer the drilling point of the ratchet to the wall using a marker pen. Drill another hole at the marked point. Then the ratchet is fixed to the shaft wall of the lift using the supplied special screw T30 without dowel. Then tension the light strip with the ratchet until it is tight. Now just insert the plug into the socket, and the lift shaft is immediately flooded with a bright, pleasant working light to provide comfort and safety for the assembly operators.

Download assembly instruction